Thank You East Coast Campers!!

Triple Your Fun With A Backstage Party Pass!

November 19th, 2017

Here’s why it pays to go BPP for DBC.


At Dirtybird Campout, we love to keep our days jam-packed. We’ll move from the stages to the Games Field to the Bunkhouse and back again – and never fail to encounter a few Counselors along the way. But, if you’re looking for an opportunity for even more behind-the-scenes hangs alongside some of your favorite music-makers then we’ve got just the ticket for you: The Backstage Party Pass.

In addition to granting you entry to the first-ever Dirtybird Campout East, your Backstage Party Pass will include access to the backstage lounge area at each stage, backstage bars (read: shorter lines!), private restrooms and one BBQ voucher for either Saturday or Sunday to help keep you hearty and healthy on the dance floor. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here are a few reasons you’ll want to be part of the magic backstage.

Why get a Backstage Party Pass?

Behind-the-Scenes Vibes

Enjoy a different perspective than the traditional festival experience by spending some time backstage. See some of what it takes to run a successful show while also peeping how our Counselors let their hair down as you score an oasis from the intensity on the dance floor. Don’t miss the chance to revel in the sort of sensational vibes and meet the crazy characters you can only find behind the scenes.

Exclusive Amenities

If convenience and ease are more your speed, then you’ll really be stoked on the Backstage Party Pass exclusive amenities. Enjoy the convenience of having a soft landing pad when it’s time for a recharge. Our cushy backstage lounge has plenty of shaded seating along with a few places to lay lavishly. Our backstage areas are fully equipped with their own private bars (VonStroke Mule, anyone?). Along with getting their hands on cold drinks quickly and having places to sit down to enjoy them, Backstage Party Pass holders will get access to our private backstage restrooms. Finally, a festival experience that allows you to skip skip the lines and make restroom breaks the breeze they ought to be.

Dinner & A Show

Hoping not to miss any of the action by heading back to camp when your stomach is begging to refuel? No problem! If you opt for the Backstage Party Pass, it’ll come with a ticket for a full plate of BBQ (for either Saturday or Sunday!) with all the fixins, served up by legendary grillmaster and Dirtybird staple Grill$on. Then, recharged and ready for action, you can get right back to the fun-filled games and epic sets from your house and bass heroes.

Get Your Backstage Party Pass Here

If you’ve already picked up a 3-Day Pass but would now like to upgrade to a Backstage Party Pass, no worries! Simply purchase the Backstage Party Pass and send both order confirmation numbers to We’ll refund the first order promptly and this will assure that you don’t end up without a ticket if we run out while that’s being processed.