Thank You East Coast Campers!!

6 Experiences You’ll Only Have at DBC East

October 30th, 2017

We are gearing up for our first-ever Dirtybird Campout East in St. Cloud, Florida and couldn’t be more excited to extend the Campout family eastward! If you’re a first-time camper it’s time you know… this is not your normal festival. Among the delicious house beats and dance floor debauchery, there’s a unique flair to this funky Dirtybird summer camp that is calling for you to come experience.

Here are just some of the experiences that only Dirtybird Campout East has to offer…

You’re at Adult Summer Camp!

Starting with the obvious here. When else in your adult life do you get to tell your parents that you’re heading to summer camp? And with your favorite Dirtybird DJs at that. Channel your inner child and get down and dirty playing the plethora of games we’ll have for you or get crafty and make a friendship bracelet for your bestie—the possibilities are endless! There’s a time and place for adulting… and that is not at Campout!

Attendees & Artists Are One In the Same

At Campout, the artists (or counselors) are just as excited to be there as you are, and they love to play the same too! Don’t be surprised if you look over during the water balloon toss and Justin Martin is competing against you, or if you end up sitting next to Claude VonStroke at the Stand Up Comedy show—camp is full of fun and genuine interactions with your favorite Dirtybird DJs.

Campers Are Part Of The Show

At Campout, the artists aren’t the only ones taking the stage, campers get to shine in the spotlight too! With a plethora of activities for campers to show off their skills to the bunch—including a Talent Show, Lap Dance Musical Chairs, Camper Comedy Hour and Beatbox Competition—there are ample opportunities to stand out and make your mark on the camp community. Brush up on those skills and get ready to show off this February!

Special Sets Turned Campout Staples

Some sets are just so memorable that you must make them reoccurring year after year. On the West Coast, we have Christian Martin’s emotional sonic twilight journeys, followed the next morning by The Martin Brothers epic Drum ‘n Bass set, and finally the Family Set that closes the festival. We’re not letting out that these will happen in February just yet, but we can promise that new long-lasting favorites will be made that are unique to DBC East!

Unique Late Night Offerings

Need a break from the stage? Wanna get into something a little more weird? Our Late Night activities are perfect for night birds and after hours freaks alike. Whether you want to wind down & cozy up to some late night movies and fireside storytelling or get funky singing karaoke and playing the wildest game of bingo you’ll ever play—Campout has you covered. Bring on the strange…