Thank You East Coast Campers!!

Interview: What To Expect in 2017

March 3rd, 2017

Between the summer camp-style games, the mouth-watering barbecue and the legendary music, there’s a lot to love about Dirtybird Campout! In this rare, insider interview our very own Counselor VonStroke sat down to share a preview on what we can expect in the 2017 edition of Dirtybird Campout. Including a few words on why this year will be the best one yet. Here’s what he had to say!


At the young age of three, Dirtybird Campout is already one of the most beloved and fastest growing festivals on the west coast. Why do you think fans keep coming back for more?

I think we are one of the only festivals that isn’t totally reliant on music. The music is amazing but even if you didn’t like any of it, you could still have a blast simply participating in all the activities.

You’re a man of many hats.. music producer, touring DJ, entrepreneur and now festival founder/producer. What do you enjoy most about planning and producing an event like Dirtybird Campout?

In the planning stages, I really enjoyed creating the line-up. We don’t go for the obvious we keep it weird while maintaining the highest quality of underground artists. And just like on Dirtybird, I love giving new artists a shot at showing what they got! Once we get on-site I truly enjoy interacting with the campers and going all in on the experience.

I love camp!

Are you able to hint or talk about any new additions or elements debuting at Campout this year?

I’m still working on some ideas with the amazing Do Lab and Dirtybird teams. There will be some new stuff but it’s still cooking in the oven. More news soon.

Even between the 2 years of Campout, we’ve seen some shifts in the artists playing. More techno, more live performances. Is this a trend that will continue in 2017?

There will be more women playing this year for sure it’s not just J. Phlip anymore. There will also be a wider breadth of house and techno and live stuff and bass music – even old school electro and drum n bass!!

What would you tell someone who was on the fence about attending Dirtybird Campout this year?

Just pull the trigger. I’ve been to every festival there is and I took all my favorite pieces and put them into this. This festival is created by artists for the people. This isn’t a corporate thing. It’s not pretentious. You will make friends and be surrounded by nice people who don’t take themselves to seriously. Enjoy your life and I’ll see you there.