Thank You East Coast Campers!!

Gate Checkpoint Hours & Info

October 3rd, 2017

Gate Times

FRIDAY 10am – Midnight
SATURDAY 10am – 10pm
SUNDAY 11am – 6pm

There will be no admission into the festival while the Gate Checkpoint is closed! You may leave anytime, but will only be allowed to re-enter during the Gate Checkpoint hours. Plan your travel accordingly.

Gate Checkpoint Guide – There Is NO Box Office at Dirtybird Campout!

• You will remain in your vehicle for vehicle search and to receive your wristbands and vehicle, RV, or Camp Kodiak passes. • There will be no place to park and exit your vehicle at or before the Gate Checkpoint.
• Every person in the car must have their ticket before arrival.
• EverysinglevehiclemustpurchaseavehicleorRVpass*before*arriving.
• BBQ Vouchers should be printed or downloaded to mobile device to be redeemed inside the event.

Getting In Quickly

• Purchase all your tickets and vehicle passes online before arrival. No payments will be processed at the gate.
• Print your tickets and/or download the ticket PDF to your mobile device before you arrive. There will not be cell or wifi service at the gate to download your tickets.
• Have your ID and tickets ready in-hand before reaching Gate Checkpoint security sta . Remember this is a 21+ event.
• If one person in your vehicle does not have a ticket or ID, the entire vehicle will be pulled out of line and turned around. Don’t be that guy.
• Vehicle and RV pass stickers (distributed at the Gate Checkpoint) must be a ixed to your windshield before entering the grounds.
• Camp Kodiak purchasers: Pick up your Camp Kodiak vehicle pass at the Gate Checkpoint.
• The FAR RIGHT LANE is for Guests, Artists & Crews on the list.
• The FAR LEFT LANE is for RVs and high clearance vehicles.

Keep Your Wristband On At All Times
• Everyone must have a wristband properly applied on their LEFT wrist.
• Security will be checking wristbands at the entrance, and throughout the event, the entire weekend. • Anyone found without a wristband will be removed from the event.

Stowaways & Trespassing Policy
• You will be held accountable for anyone in your party or vehicle attempting to trespass.
• Vehicles caught attempting to sneak someone in: the entire vehicle will be held responsible and every person in that vehicle forfeits their tickets for attempt to trespass or assisting a trespasser. The entire vehicle will be ejected, tickets voided, and not permitted entry.
• Counterfeit bands and credentials suspected to have been transferred will result in the entire party being ejected from the festival and may be subject to legal action.
• Don’t be that guy.